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InnerTalk is a patented and scientifically proven subliminal technology. It's also known as the "Taylor" Method, which is based on over 18 years of research and development by Dr. Eldon Taylor in the field of "mind technology".

Because of his academic background, Dr. Taylor has subjected his work and technology to extensive independent studies and tests. InnerTalk is also a subliminal message product that has undergone so many tests and studies and has been scientifically proven to work.

InnerTalk CDs can generally be used in the same way as other audio CDs. That is, they can be inserted into and CD player (including the CD playing facilities in most modern computers), and played in the usual way.

When the CD is played, either "Natural Sounds" or "Music" is heard - there is only one track per CD so it is essential to choose either "Music" or "Natural Sounds" at the time of ordering the CD. The volume may be turned down to a very low level, e.g. just audible, without in any way reducing the effectiveness of the CD.

In addition to hearing the CD played at any volume - loud or very quiet - for ideally at least one hour per day, it is also recommended to read the affirmations printed on the card inside the CD cover. The exact number of affirmations varies with the title of the CD but it does not take long to read all of them each day, or at least a couple of times per week. It is not necessary to read them aloud; reading silently is also effective.


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