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Created by Dr Eldon Taylor, PhD, the world's leading authority on subliminal technology. Use this unique range of CDs to train your mind to think positively, achieve personal goals, kick a habit, enhance your prospects' the list of outcomes is endless!

Our brains work subconsciously for 99% of the time and it is by changing this deep-rooted subconscious thinking that we are able to make positive changes to our lives. InnerTalk CDs contain short, simple phrases ("affirmations") concealed within the gentle sounds of music or nature that actually target your subconscious and alter your thought pattern. The affirmations are concealed in the audio illusion in order to bypass the conscious mind and help you change your self-limiting beliefs.

InnerTalk uses dichotic messages to deliver affirmations and messages to your brain. Besides dichotics, it also plays the information at the threshold of human hearing as well as reverse the speech on one side (also known as backmasking).

Another characteristic of InnerTalk is that it repeats the affirmations using a male, female and child's voice (Studies have shown that different people respond better depending on their individual preference of a male, female or child voice).

Some people don't consider InnerTalk as a subliminal message product. That's because InnerTalk doesn't hide the messages behind the sound of any music or nature sounds.

The messages are "recorded at a perceptible level of awareness and disguised in what is best described as an audio illusion. By blending the affirmations in with the music or nature sounds in this way, InnerTalk bypasses normal conscious awareness, yet still ensures that the affirmations strongly register in the mind."

When listening to the InnerTalk CDs, you can occasionally (most times, you won't even hear anything) hear something more in the background, apart from the easy listening music, from time to time. 99% of the times, you can't make out what's being said. Frankly, it just sounds like gibberish or whispering to you.

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