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Dermatoglyphic Analysis


(Suitable for all ages)

Introduction to the Dermatoglyphic Analysis

It is a scientific term for the analysis of fingerprint, handprint and footprint. It is a method to sum up by actuarial and background system - giving the minute profile and data to make each individual to discover their natural brain potentials, advantages and disadvantages thoroughly, understand their own personality, learning acuity, learning style, learning types, natural advantages/dsiadvantages and the behaviour through the professional analysts' interpretation and analysis.

Our R&D Department's research and study on dermatoglyphic is based on genetics and the connection between dermatoglyphic and human brain. We read the children's brain information, understand their natural talent and do analysis of Multiple Intelligence by dermatoglyphic method. Our dermatoglyphic analysis is focused on exploiting and developing the superiority by children's acquired education, at the same time, discover the children's disadvantage and advice them accordingly in order to avoid unnecessary education.


Our Brain Function

The human brain (especially high-level of the brain) is responsible for the human drive, thinking, kinesthesia (sematosensory), auditory, visual features and some other functions. Therefore, the main research of dermatoglyphic is the research to find out the relevance between the brain and epidermal ridges (fingerprints). Looking at the brain from top to bottom, the brain can be divided into 2 segments: the left brain and the right brain, and these 2 pieces of brain contain 4 different lobes: the Frontal Lobe, Parietal Lobes, Occipital Lobe and Temporal Lobes.


Epidermal Ridges and the Brain

Our brain can be divided into 10 sections depending on the brain functions: the left anterior frontal lobe and right anterior frontal lobe, the left posterior frontal lobe, the left parietal lobe and right parietal lobe, the left temporal lobe and right temporal lobe, the left occipital lobe and right occipital lobe. Dermatoglyphic research shows that these 10 sections of our brain associate with our 10 fingers. The following is the table showing the corresponding relations:

In Dermatoglyphic research, if the fingerprint pattern and the number of TRC (total ridge count) appear to be strong, therefore, the area of the brain will also be superior. In contrast, if the fingerprint pattern and the number of TRC appear to be weak, therefore, the area of the brain will also be inferior. As a result, a table of analysis which shown the strengths and weaknesses of a human's brain can be detected from the Dermatoglyphic statements. If we use this table of analysis to design a personal development and education plan for an individual, it believe that we can cultivate a better generation.


To Understand My Inmate Ability from Dermatoglyphics

Overall, there are 10 different instinctive ability types as listed below and the ranking of these abilities arrange differently according to individual's strength. According to statistics, the ratio for others that gains the similar instinctive ability with you is only 1:20000. Different arrangement upon these instinctive abilities will illustrate that you have gain different superior and disadvantage fields from others. Intensify your own strength continuosly; at the same time, increase your inferior area patiently, Dermatoglyphic will help you to create a more radiance and wonderful life.

  1. Exploration - Inspiration of Leadership, Goal and Vision
  2. Logical - Reasoning Ability, Logic and Inference
  3. Observation - Visual Recognition, Comprehension of Observation
  4. Imagination - Space Imagination, Creative Thinking
  5. Operating - Physical Recognition, Comprehension of Operation
  6. Tactile - Feeling of Touch, Artistic Creation
  7. Managing - Management, Planning & Judgment
  8. Musical - Accoustic Feeling, Music Appreciation
  9. Picturize - Visual Feeling, Graphic Appreciation
  10. Linguistic - Hearing Recognition, Comprehension of Language



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