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Pang Ling Hsia (

Ryan Ong Li H'ng (6 years old)

Ryan used to be very reluctant to go for any new classes unless he was accompanied by me. In You&Me, I can see that educational and safety aspects are their priority. The centre has provided a creative, interactive and effective program and learning environment. The principal and teachers are great, very personable and devoted to the children.

Since enrolling in You&Me, I can see a marked improvement in Ryan. Within few months, Ryan already captured a lot of Mandarin, English and Malay words. He can read well and communicate in a proper manner. Now, Ryan is learning to foster his social and emotional development through program provided by the centre. He has gained a good leadership, more confident and independent.

Nowadays he also mix well with others and finds it easier to make friends and adjust himself to new situations. Ryan enjoys going to the centre in the afternoon despite a tired session attending his morning kindergarten class. Indeed he looks forward to going to You & Me after his kindergarten everyday.

Overall, we are very happy with his progress and wish to thank the principal and teachers for their efforts and dedications.

Ray Ong Li Xuan (4 years old)

Ray has a very sociable and playful character. His behavior is different with his elder brother Ryan. Ray mixes around easily with people regardless of their age.

Before joining You&Me, Ray always show his impatient in reading and learning. What surprise us is just 3 weeks after joining You&Me, Ray is able to read few pages of the Mandarin text book with a clear and proper pronunciation. The methodology offered by You&Me is very effective and well graded. Ray will now take out his text book and read by himself. He also show more patience in doing his work like colouring and writing.

Like Ryan, Ray enjoys going to the centre everyday especially Fridays where the speech & drama, art & craft sessions are held. We are glad to see Ray's creative expression through music, art & craft and plays activities in You&Me.

In short, Ray is improving much better than we expected. We have no regrets in sending Ryan and Ray to the centre as both of them has learned much more there.


Elaine Mok (

Yap Sammi (3 years old)

Wonderful !!

Sammi is more scheduled and disciplined in her daily life. Her span of attention has improved a lot, plus her social skill and command of language, both in Mandarin and English.

She is now more willing to accept new food especially fruits and vegetables as her taste bud has improved. She learns to mix well with her peers and respect all her teachers.

I really like the approach that the teachers used - treating the child with understanding that they have emotions too. All her teachers are also loving and patient.

But, the most important thing is .... Sammi is happy and I believed that a child learns better when they are happy!!

(Note: We are also happy to see her progress. Keep up the good work!!!)


Brenda Foong (

Ooi Ai Lyn (6 years old)


但是自从去了You&Me,她被这里的生动教学深深吸引,就算她很疲累地从早上幼儿园回来,但是一旦想到去 You&Me,就会精神精神奕奕。





Tiffany Thew (

Ng Ke Sin (5 years old)

Before my daughter attended this centre, my husband and me are really headache with her humourless character. We have been thinking of sending her to consult a phychology as we have no idea on how to educate her.

Fortuitous, a friend recommended me this centre. After she had attended few month's lessons here, we were suprised that she had a big change. She is now happy, self-confident, talkative, friendly and we also noticed that she had improved on her writing and colouring skills. It's also unbelievable and unexpected that she could be a good leader as well.

We really appreciate and thankful to the principal Ms. Sharon and the teachers for their effort and dedication. Thanks to their kindness to my daughter as well.

(Note: We are also pleased with her progress and hope that she could progress even further in the future).


Nagesh Mahajan & Nagasavitha (016-3152611)

SRIYA NAGESH (7 years old)

Our child Sriya joined this centre as a transition from nursery to primary school. She was there for two terms and had enjoyed each and every day. It has been a very informative, educative & entertaining experience for her throughout. She has improved a lot in terms of reading, vocabulary and mental maths. We thank you for providing a wonderful experience for our child.

(Note: Sriya is from Bangalore India and she will be joining an international school next year to continue her primary education. We wish her all the best in her future undertakings).



Chew Eh Tong & Goh Soo Chu (

CHEW QIAN SHENG (5 years old)

Based on a good friend's recommendation, our son (Qian Sheng) and daughter (Yue Leng) joined You & Me Centre since April & June 2008 respectively.

Now Qian Sheng just loves to go to You&Me even though after his kindergarten class in the morning. He likes all the activities there, especially on every Friday - Art & Craft/Speech & Drama/Music & Movement/Story Telling .... Now he has improved on his colouring and is more creative, imagination, self confident and more friendly. While we are doing his kindergarten revision with him, we noticed that his memory power has also improved.

Now both of them can sing Mandarin and English nursery songs and with action too !! They are also good at reading chinese poem.

We are satisfied with the personal attention that the teachers has given to our son and daughter, the activities that they offered there as well as thier teaching method.

We would like to express our high appreciation to the principal and teachers for their effort and dedication. They are also helpful and friendly.

(Note: We are happy with their progress and hope they could progress even better in the future)


CHEW YUE LENG (3 years old)

After attending You&Me for 6 months, we noticed that our daughter has improved greatfully, especially on her emotion. Now she is more happier, active, self confident, friendly and also great improvement on her attitide.

(Note: When Yue Leng joined us in April 08, she was a quiet and reserve girl. We too are very happy with her progress)



Wong Lee Fong (

DOO JADE ZHEN (6 years old)




DOO JADE QI (4 years old)





Stephanie Siew (

CHAN ZHI-WENG, ZADRIAN (6 years old)

Since attending this school, we have noticed that our son Zadrian is:

(1) More vocal - he does not just speak one word ... he is trying to speak in a sentence. His speech teacher said he is making progress too.

(2) He is able to understand simple instructions without having to show him any cue.

(3) His memory is better, concentration span is much longer.

(4) We, as parents, are very impressed that he could sing Mandarin songs although he has no knowledge of that language at all.

(5) We are very happy that he now can eat a variety of fruits, which he refuses to do so prior to attending this school. We would like to thank the teachers for this good training.

We, as parents, would like to say a big Thank You to the teachers for their continuous hard work.

(Note: Zadrian is a "slow learner" child and joined us in May 2008. Within a short period of less than five months, his parents are able to notice his progress)


Carmen Choong (

Brandon Hoh Sheng Vern (4 years old)

我的4岁儿子是个过动儿,也应此他所就读的学校就放弃了他,抹杀了他一个学习的机会。我和丈夫不知所措,真希望能够给他一个学习的地方。就在机缘巧合之下让我遇到了Sharon, You&Me 的院长,她聆听我们的问题,也答应接收我们的孩子。她的真诚真意让我觉得有了希望。


(我们也因 Brandon 的进展而觉得高兴,也为他的父母感到喜悦。)


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