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Right Brain Program
***** 2019 Session *****
- Open for child aged 2 - 6 years old - 

(Currently open for registration)

Classes are conducted daily as follow:
(All classes will be conducted in English, Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia)

Junior Program
(Emotional, Mental & Living Skill Development Level)
Morning Session (Program designed for child aged 2 - 4 years old)
9.00am - 12.00pm (Mon - Thu)
Right-Brain Learning Program, Problem Solving Concept, "Living Skill" & "Motor Skill" Activities
9.00am - 12.00pm (Fri)
Special Class for "Speech & Drama", "Art & Craft" , "Music & Movement" & Group Activities
Stimulator Program
(Mental Development & Character Building Level)
Afternoon Session (Program designed for child aged 4 - 6 years old)
2.00pm - 4.30pm (Mon - Thu)
Right-Brain Learning Program, Problem Solving Concept, "Living Skill" & "Motor Skill" Activities
2.00pm - 5.00pm (Fri)
Special Class for "Speech & Drama", "Art & Craft", "Music & Movement" & Group Activities
Unleashing your child super right-brain potential

A Right Brain Education Series

Our Program & Activities 
We believe in "HOLISTIC Development" with Right Brain Education as our core Program. - Our program emphasizes on the "3 Quotients" to achieve total development of a child:
I.Q. or "Intelligence Quotient" - relates to the intelligence and cognitive abilities of a child.
E.Q. or "Emotional Quotient" - relates to the ability, capacity or skills to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of a child.
C.Q. or "Creative Quotient" - relates to the act of producing new ideas, approaches and actions of a child.

Our You&Me® Right Brain Learning Program is also known as ..........
"Left-Right Brain Coordination Program"

Your childs brain is a terrific and dynamic thing ......... it is too wonderful to waste, let alone be under-utilized. With this in mind, we have specifically designed our "Nursery Program" for children aged 2 to 4 years old and "Stimulator Program" for pre-school children aged 4 to 6 years old to promote whole-brain education, by developing their right brain and connecting it to their left brain, allowing both sides to work together in balance.

No matter how old your children are, you (as parents) have an immense power to affect their growth, development and success in life. By actively pursuing activities that contribute to the better development of their brain, you provide them with an advantage over all other kids and increase their chances to be successful in their education and in life.



                                                                                    Left-Right Brain Coordination

Research has shown that it is important to increase the communication or connection between the two hemispheres of the brain. By doing so, we increase the functionality of the brain. This can be done in all ages and has proven to be beneficial. Improved balance between the two hemispheres improves peace of mind, harmony, reading and comprehension, and develops better concentration and focus.

If both sides of their brain are well nurtured, the child will develop a great vision about learning and can handle any challenges with ease in school and for the rest of their lives.


In designing our You&Me® Right Brain Learning Program, we always have these in mind:-

1) Right Brain Learning Can Unlock Faster Brain Power

Right brain learning is an interesting subject. Many wonder does it work? Many also wonder what potential our right brain has and the ways we access and use its power for faster learning.

Right brain education is more than a system; it is a philosophy. it is a way of raising children so that they can tap into and maintain the potential of their amazing right brain and combine it with the power of the left brain.

Science tells us that we use only about 3% to 10% of our brain on a conscious level. The other 90% to 97% is used at the subconscious level. It is at this vast area of our minds where our right brain functions shine.

Here is how we remember through the right brain: The bulk of our memory is stored at the subconscious levels. Subconscious memory is stored as the images of the things we see. In addition, our subconscious mind converts and stores the sounds we hear as images. Some sounds even trigger images of past memories stored in our minds. Furthermore, what we see, smell, touch and taste are also stored as images at our subconscious level.


2) Right Brain Learning Means Developing Better Memory & Accelerated Learning Abilities

The right brain is referred to as the "image brain". It stores everything as images. To our right brain, all thoughts, feeling, etc are images. When we develop our right brain functions more and more, we will find many memories appearing in our mind as images in order so that our left brain can interpret and put into an understandable logical sequence for our outer conscious mind to understand. This sequence of brain functions are what help us to remember more things and learn just about anything faster.

3) Right Brain Learning is Holistic Learning

The right side of the brain processes information from whole to part. Therefore, right brain learners tend to desire a holistic view of the material they are learning before they proceed. Hence, right brain learners always try to understand the "big picture" first before attempting to grasp a concept finer details.


4) Right Brain Learning Exercises Creativity

Creativity probably works its way into may of right brain learner assignments. The right hemisphere of the brain is interactive and visual, and it is where many of our creative instincts originate. Right brain learners take advantage of this: as learning need not have to be a static task.


5) Right Brain Learning Means Understanding a Subject in Context

When presented with new information, right brain learners prefer to see things in context to better understand them. New words and formulas are best comprehended when they are in their natural form. When learning spelling or vocabulary words, right brain learners place each word in a sentence that expresses its definition. To process math formulas, right brain learners try to understand their derivation. While studying history, right brain learners understand how the various events all relate to one another.


 Our Right Brain Learning Program:
Mastering the techniques of "Speed Reading" & "Speed Listening"

We emphasize on "Right-Brain Development" - We believe that effective methods of stimulating the right-brain functions should include the following:

  • music
  • art
  • exercise
  • aroma therapy
  • good nutrition
  • meditation
  • self believe & confidence
  • creativity
  • awareness




I.Q. Games -1) challenging framed minds & elicit creative ways of thinking
                  - 2) encouraging free imagination & original thoughts

We emphasize on "Motor Skills" & "Living Skills"  Development - The purpose of the these program serves as an important means of assessing the development of a child in the early school years.

Motor Skills are actions that involve the movement of muscles in your body.

"Gross Motor Skills" are larger movement involving the arm, leg or feet muscles or the entire body: things like crawing, running and jumping.

"Fine Motor Skills" are those smaller actions like picking things up between the thumb and finger or using the toes to wringgle into sand or the lips and tongue to taste and feel objects.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills developed in tandem because many activities depend on the co-ordination of both sorts of skills. Many educators around the world feel that Motor Skills Development should form an important part of any pre-school education program.

We have included play activities, which are crucial for a child to develop and enhance their "gross & fine motor skills".

Some of "Gross Motor Skill" activities



Development of motor skills allows them to perform better in other more academic & physical way
Some of "Fine Motor Skill" activities
Sweeping                                             Picking up objects                             Dressing  
Focussing                                            Pouring                                             Segregating

Our Living Skills program is an educational method for children, based on theories of total child development. This method is characterized by an emphasis on self-directed activity on the part of the child and clinical observation on the part of the teacher. It stress the important of adapting the child learning environment to his or her development level, and of the role of physical activity in absorbing academic concepts and practical skills.

Thus, our "Living Skills" program is built upon the idea that children develop and think differently than adults; that they are not merely "adults in small bodies". Our program advocates children rights, children working to develop themselves into adults, and that these develoments would lead to their holistic development.

Therefore, we discourage traditional measurement (tests and grades) under the premise that it is damaging to the inner growth of children. However, feedback and qualitative analysis of a child performance does exist in our program but it is usually provided in the form of a list of skills, activities and critical points, and sometimes a narrative of the child achievements, stremgth and weaknesses, with emphasis on improving those weaknesses.

The first few years of your child life are crucial to the development of personality and intellect. This is a period during which learning takes place at an accelerated speed. Therefore, we provide the sense of security and loving care that a child need to thrive during this stage of intense learning.

Since a child at this stage are especially bent on achieving independence, our teachers provide responsive, individual attention as your child deals with positive experiences as well as frustration.

"Music & Movement" - important in developing auditory discrimination & encourages creative development
Our program focuses mainly on the five key developmental areas:
  • Cognitive Development
  • Linguistic Development
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Creative & Aesthetic Development
  • Physical Development 
Many people dont realize how these skills affect the development of a child, both mentally and physically at various stages of their childhood.
"Art & Craft" - important skill to acquire because it practices accomplishment and self-correction.
 It is also the foundation of all Creativity & Innovation.
We believe in "Fun Learning" - the learning activities in our centre are fun centred. Colourful and interesting illustrations are included to enhance the flavour.
"PLAY" - Learning is really fun here.

We emphasize on giving personal & individual attention during lesson - All our classes have a reasonably low teacher-students ratio to enable our teachers to fully focus on their students. 

Junior Program (1 : 8)
Stimulator Program (1 : 12)

We believe in good "Teaching/Learning Tools" - We have incorporated in all our program educational toys/learning tools that have quality of "play-ability", which allows children to adapt to their individual needs and stages of development over an extended period of time.

"Speech & Drama" is an art-form that develop self esteem, creative thinking and communication skills
which lends to interaction with human-social world around us.
We emphasize on "Well Structured" program - All our program and activities in our centre are systematically designed and structured. Concepts and ideas are progressively introduced in various stages throughout our program. Therefore rest assured that your child learning experience is steady and progressive.

Our Work Culture

We always emphasize that our teachers here "learn how to learn" first.
"It is only when we know how to learn,
                                ....... that we know how to teach"
All our teachers have to go through a period of intensive training by our special team of trainers before they are allow to conduct any classes. One of the first things they have to understand is our work culture. They not only have to recall and recite it, they have to internalise what the statement says.
Our stringent training program for teachers include:
  • Classroom learning
  • Experiential on/off classroom trainings
  • Child psychology & developmental changes
  • Counselling for children/parents





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