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Right Brain Education & Why Do You Need It

This is a gentle approach to photographic memory enhancement and accelerated learning.

Ever try tying your shoes with one hand or peddling a bicycle with one foot? It can be done, but why? - when you have the capacity to do more, with more.

In most conventional education system, the right hemisphere of the brain is often under-utilized.

The process of learning through drills, repetition, tests and quizzes depends upon the linear, methodical left brain, which builds memory through logical links and repetition.

Visual stimulation - a right-brain function, can help traditional learning by developing and sharpening photographic memory capabilities, visualization skills, intuition and creativity.


What actually is Right Brain Education?

Right Brain Education is a learning program that teaches a child in a whole new way. It incorporates techniques that speak to the right hemisphere of the brain and how it seems to learn: intuitively, effortlessly, through images, relaxation, music and love.

Although our program is called You&Me Right Brain Learning Program, it encourages "whole brain balance development" by linking all right brain techniques --> speed reading & speed listening, photographic memory, intuitive mathematics & languages and three dimensional imagination --> with the logical, methodical left brain.


When is the right time for a child to start a Right Brain Education program?

Right Brain Education for little ones is quite unique. We believe that during the first 6 years of life, the right brain of a child is wide open and ready for educational input of all kinds.

This window of opportunity is maximized with You&Me Right Brain Learning Program, taught through our two different stages during their early childhood development.

(Our Junior Program is specifically designed for child aged 2 to 4 years old, whereas our Stimulator Program is specifically designed for child aged 4 to 6 years old).

When specific right brain and left brain activities are stimulated at key times of development, children maximize their potential right from the start.

"Right Brain Education is a precious gift for your child and its effects can last a lifetime"


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