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Left Brain v Right Brain

"I'm Creative and He's Analytical"

Have you ever thought why some people can paint beautifully, but have difficulty adding two and two? Or why some people can understand the intricacies of calculus effortlessly, but struggle to write a one-page essay? It's all about which side of your brain dominates - the left or the right.


When Does Brain Development Become A Priority?

The human brain's left and right hemispheres (halves) look the same but are asymmetrical in function, meaning that the brain is lateralized or does somewhat different things with its two sides. However, humans need both sides of the brain for optimal performance, each cerebral hemisphere and brain area contributing its own special abilities.

In the complex division of tasks the brain's two hemispheres complement each other in ways not yet fully known. Right brain activity tends to be creative and innovative in character while left brain activity is rational andstep-wise.



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Left Brain vs Right Brain

Left-brain dominated people may find their thought processes vague and difficult to follow, for they are quite opposite in the way they think. Left-brain dominated people tend to be more logical and analytical in their thinking and usually excel at mathematics and word skills.

People who rely more heavily on the right half of their brain tend to be more imaginative and intuitive. They see things as a whole and are interested in patterns, shapes and sizes. The right brain is associated with artistic ability like singing, painting, writing poetry, etc.

But this does not mean that a person who is left or right brain dominated does not use the other part of his brain. For most people, the two parts of the brain work in tandem to enable them to function as well-rounded personalities.


"The high or low ratio of I.Q. isn't inherent"

"A person's performance will improve if the intellectual ability of left and right brain is well developed and stimulated"

"There is no such thing that it is better to be left brain dominated or right brain dominated. You need both kinds of thinking to function well"



Split Brain Theory:


  • Psychologists have shown that the left hemisphere of the brain tends to concentrate verbal and symbolic logical reasoning, while the right hemisphere tends to concentrate spatial and holistic reasoning.
  • Left hemisphere controls the right side of the body and the left hemisphere the right side of the body.
  • Since the brain is divided, it is crucial to make connections between the right and left side. Focusing on stimulation of both brain hemispheres is therefore of major importance.
  • Conventional schooling often focuses too little on stimulation of right brain hemisphere.
  • Already in pre-natal stage the brain is using movement to get information, stimulate the brain and make connections between left and right hemisphere.
  • One way of achieving connection between right and left hemisphere is through movement that crosses the body's midline


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