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About Us
You&Me® Right Brain Learning Program is a  learning program which is a gentle but powerful method designed to help your child fully access the power of both sides of their brain - left and right - to bring out their full potential and make early learning fun for your child.
Our program is built upon scientific findings about brain development. As the outer layer of the brain develops from right to left, this gives a window of time (usually between 0 to 6 years old) during which a child is learning primarily with the right brain.
At our centre, we will teach your child using our uniquely absorbent  method and techniques to take optimum advantage and maximize their "prime time" learning experience.

Are you aware that your child is continuously absorbing information in his or her environment and their right brain has the power to memorize huge amounts of information at a very high speed? This actually allows them to memorize an entire scenario in a single gaze, like taking a snapshot from a camera.                                
Therefore, children can be raised to be smart depending on the type of Right Brain Education they received between their prime ages of 0 to 6 years.

The goal of our You&Me® Right Brain Learning Program is to enable the full, balanced functioning of both sides of your childs brain by nurturing their often-neglected right brain. In doing so, our Right Brain Learning Program will results in a greater whole-brain intelligence, creativity, harmony and well-being than most other educational program alone can produce.


Since most conventional learning program focus primarily on the logical left brain, find out how you can help your child achieve - "whole-brain balance development" at You&Me®. At  our centre, we  bring you a holistic Right Brain Learning Program which is specially designed to maximize the usage of the right brain of your child and helps them achieved total development.
Our program utilizes the creative right side of the brain to nurture their natural photographic memory and speed learning capabilities. When both sides of the brain are used in school and everyday life, their true genuis is tapped and they can reach their fullest potential.
Children who grow up with our program learn emotional and intellectual balance. They remain passionate and curious - two elements vital for their inner happiness and outer success.
"Right Brain Education is a precious gift for your child and its effect can last a lifetime"
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